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2017 Guthrie Baptist Church Goals: A Year of Revival

Commitment         Attend every Sunday morning worship service from
                              January 1 through October 1.
Prayer                   Pray publicly and corporately at the conclusion of these
Response              Respond obediently to the direction of the Holy Spirit
                              for your life after each of these services.
For more information, please find below the transcript of the State of the Church Address.

Guthrie Baptist Church,

The purpose of this address is to report on what took place in the ministry of Guthrie Baptist Church in 2016 and set forth a vision for 2017.

We have had some receive the new life that is in Christ. From the last report, we have witnessed two baptisms. We have also had two join by transfer of letter. Glory be to God for the work that He has done through the church this year. Let us be faithful to continue working in the Harvest by proclaiming the Gospel, teaching the truth of the Word of God, and ministering to the needs of others.

We have received one official letter transfer request. I am encouraged with the new faces that we have seen in our services. Let us continue to be a loving and caring church family to these and invite others to come join us.

Our average attendance on Sunday morning in 2016 through December 11 was 62. One week or nearly 2% we had an attendance over 100. Our highest attendance was 108 on Easter. Our lowest attendance was 43 on November 20, the Sunday before Thanksgiving. For comparison, the average in 2015 was 67. 2% of the time the attendance was over 100. The highest attendance was 106 on Mother’s Day. Our lowest attendance was 47 the Sunday after Easter.

We need to commit anew to being faithful to worship attendance, get involved in Sunday School, and encourage our fellow church members to be committed to attend services as well through phone calls, cards, and/or personal visits.

On Sunday night our average attendance through December 11 was 17, down from 22 last year. On Wednesday night our Bible Study adult attendance through December 14 was 9, down from 10. Do your part by coming to our services if you can and encourage those not here to simply come. We have to be more faithful, for faithfulness is a sign of the Christian life.

The number of souls is the most important number, but another number is important. It takes money to operate a church. Our balance in General Checking as of January 1, 2016 was just over $15,000. As of November 30, it was just over $35,000. That is an increase of approximately $20,000. We have just over $374,500 in other monies, such as savings, money market accounts, and CD’s, which is an increase of just over $6,000, so that is a net financial increase of approximately $26,000! We are prospering financially. Our operating budget has decreased by 6% or just over $11,000 for 2017 from 2016. You have faithfully given to missions this year. I urge you to continue being faithful to tithing and giving mission offerings. Let us all remember that where our heart is, our treasure will be also.

My preaching ministry for 2017 is as follows: on Sunday mornings we will touch on topics that will foster church revitalization, prayer, and growth; on Sunday nights we conclude our Sunday Night Seminary on Theology, transfer the remainder of 2 Corinthians that has been preached on Sunday morning, and look at Jude, Philemon, and Obadiah; and on Wednesday nights we will continue our study of the Book of Jeremiah.

WMU continues to be a constant in ministry from mission classes, mission projects, mission offerings, and monthly meetings. Ironmen continues to meet monthly. This means that we have the opportunity for everyone to be involved in missions from Preschool to Adult.

All teachers and officers are in place. We have absences on the Counting and Hospitality Committees but arrangements have been made for these committees to function properly until the Nominating Committee meets in 2017. Let us press forward and do even more always excelling in the Lord’s work.

I express my grateful appreciation to all the volunteers that have stepped up to fill in the gaps that were evident in the youth and children’s ministries in the absence of a Student Minister.

Our goal for 2016 was to be a Year of FAITH. The F stood for Focus. The A stood for Ask. The I stood for Intentional. The T stood for Together. The H stood for Hands. I asked you to pray faithfully for your mind to be set on things above. I encouraged you to faithfully ask for forgiveness from God and others upon conviction, while freely granting it to others. I exhorted you to have a quiet time faithfully and read through the Bible by the end of the year. I pleaded with you to faithfully attend all five services and church activities while ministering to the people of Guthrie faithfully as the Lord gave opportunity. I said that these were lofty goals because they would require discipline. However they were achievable and only you and God know if you have met them. Evaluate yourself. How did you do?

I want 2017 for Guthrie Baptist Church to be a Year of Revival. You can remember this goal by using the letters CPR.

The C stands for Commitment. Everybody that is part of Guthrie Baptist Church needs to commit to being at church on Sunday morning unless providentially hindered for the first 40 weeks of the year from January 1 through October 1. For those who have to work the nursery or prepare for a fellowship meal, working speakers are available in both the kitchen and nursery. That’s a commitment I am willing to make with you. As the Lord wills, I will protect those Sundays and not take any vacation those days (I will use Mondays – Saturdays) so I can be here along with you to hear from the Lord.

The P stands for Prayer. But I want this prayer to be public and corporate. After the general invitation on each of the first 40 Sunday mornings you will be encouraged to come to the altar of the church to pray with one another about the topic of the sermon that day. There will be no singing and no music, just praying. For those who are physically unable to come down, he or she can pray at the pew but it is important that everyone pray and pray with someone.

The R stands for Response. Don’t let the truth you hear and the prayers you say be the end. Let the truth penetrate your heart and let the prayer direct your mind and make sure that the truth and prayer changes your life. Let the Holy Spirit do His work in you. Transformation is what we desire. It is what is needed. And it will happen through the Word, through prayer, and obedience to the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for reading this address. May God bless you and Guthrie Baptist Church in 2017!



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